World Cup Qualification!

Year 3 have qualified for the world cup!

Today Year 3 had to follow instructions and work within restrictions to solve how many players could make it to the World Cup based on the number on their shirt. We had to use column method or the number line method to solve the reasoning problems. Mr Edwards came in to help us.  It was really tricky but we had lots of fun! 


Changes to our story

We have made changes to our story. We have changed the main character, the item that our character has lost and the places that our character visits. We had some interesting suggestions for the changes including a dragon called Flame that loses his most precious scale. A unicorn called Rainbow that loses her special horn. Here is a few pictures of us making changes on our story map.



Year 3 have made a Poet-tree. This week we have explored lots of different types of poems and discussing the different features used in a poem. We worked in teams to create a Poet-tree that is displayed in the classroom.

Guided Reading

Since we have been back year 3 have been working extremely hard. We have completed lots of reading challenges. We played Musical Books; this meant we had until the music stopped to look at a book. Then we had to change and keep doing this. Our task was to read the title, find the authors name, read the blurb and find something exciting in the book that made us want to read all of it. We worked really hard and had lots of fun!

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